GOT provides customers access to innovative design and agile manufacturing for emerging interface technologies.

GOT customers will have the competitive advantage of bringing truly disruptive Human Machine Innovation to market without the prohibitive capital investments necessary to bring these capabilities in-house.


The user interface frames the entire user experience. It’s not just the first impression– it continues to inform the user about both the product and the brand. GOT brings OEMs the best solutions for their application. The best solution strikes just the right balance between user experience, manufacturability and cost. GOT enables OEMs to integrate enhanced user interfaces into new products, ultimately maximizing a brand’s impact on the market.

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Few companies have the agility necessary to stay up-to-date on advancing technologies, much less deliver the best possible manufacturing facilities. GOT Interface continues to reinvent itself to create scalable processes to bring innovation faster, and by so doing, speed up customers’ time-to-market and time to revenue.

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GOT divested itself from its manufacturing facilities to focus on solutions-based innovation. We expanded our network of Manufacturing Consortium Partners (MCP) and sub-assembly suppliers to give our customers the very best production options for their product innovation. Because GOT is not tied down to legacy infrastructure, our customers have exclusive access to the optimal solution for their end users’ needs.


Corporate Headquarters

Peabody, MA

Asia Office

Dongguan, China

Manufacturing and Warehousing


Our network of experts on the ground in Asia and the Americas provide valuable manufacturing intelligence. The result is that GOT customers get exclusive access to the best solutions in the market as well as emerging technologies.

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